Frequently Asked Questions

Is therapy confidential?

Yes, legally we are required to maintain confidentiality for our clients.  The exceptions are if we have to protect you or someone else in the case of child abuse, dependent adult abuse, elder abuse, danger to self and danger to others. 

Does it mean I am weak or there is somethig wrong with me because I go to therapy?

Wanting to achieve happiness or fulfillment can hardly be considered weak.  Weakness is being unable to look at yourself and areas for self-improvement.  Our clients are often  highly successful in various aspects of their lives and wanting to become even more self-aware and remove the psychological obstacles that may be stopping them from being their best selves .  

Doesn't therapy take years to be fruitful?

According to research, people often benefit from therapy in as few as one to eight sessions depending on your issues, concerns and areas that you want to improve. 

Isn't therapy very expensive?

Expensive is a relative word.  If you find life being hindered by issues that come in the way of you living a productive life then your issues are going to be relatively more expensive than therapy for you.  The cost of being stuck in old patterns can have an enormous impact on your career, relationships and well-being.



Do you accept insurance?

We are on some insurance panels.  Not all therapists are on all insurance panels.  Please call us and check with your insurance company to confirm coverage.  If we don’t accept your insurance we can give you an invoice to submit to them.

What information should I get from my insurance company?

You want to find out the following information:

  1. Is your therapist a Preferred Provider? 
  2. Do you have out of network benefits? 
  3. Is there a co-payment? 
  4. Is there a deductible? 
  5. Do you need a pre-authorization for counseling?   


Will therapy make me dependent on someone?

Our aim is not to foster dependency but increase your own autonomy.  We want you to find out what is meaningful in your life and how to move in that direction.

How do you deal with cultural issues?

Culture plays a huge role in shaping who we are as individuals.  To understand you, we need to understand your culture.  When we work with you, or look at your concerns, we look at it from your cultural point of view. 

What happens if therapy brings up issues that I am not ready to deal with?

In therapy, generally the client determines the pace and agenda for our meetings.  In reality, an issue is brought up - only when someone is ready, on some level, to begin dealing with it.   

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